Aged Care Occupancy Management
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We have built a team of skilled and experienced residential aged care admission coordinators who are focused on achieving high occupancy rates and delivering great outcomes for our clients.

We have refined our approaches and processes but if you have unique needs and requirements, we can develop specific solutions to achieve the best outcome for your organisation.

Sales and Marketing

Regular changes in the residential care industry means continuous effort is required to keep up-to-date with changing patterns of consumer awareness and paths that are taken to build awareness about your aged care home and life-style services.

Maintaining Waitlists

Maintaining an effective application and waitlist register will minimise the number of days that your rooms are vacant. Consistent follow up with waitlisted residents will ensure that the waitlist is fresh and valuable to your organisation.

Admission Coordination

Admission procedures, checklists and software tools have been expertly designed to be effective, timely and skill-transferrable between admission resources.

Post-Admission Resident Liaison

We monitor the progress of new admissions (for around 3 weeks) in order to maximise the admissions experience of new residents.

Optimising and Balancing Resident Categories

Understand your occupancy and financial position instantly for important categories of residents, ie Supported vs RAD paying residents.

Real-Time Occupancy Reports

Sophisticated dashboard and exception reporting - keeping management informed of occupancy levels and exceptions to current period targets.

Trend Reporting

Understand how your occupancy rate is trending over time and how it compares with industry averages.

Competitive Analysis

We can provide useful benchmarks from competive de-identified residential care homes so that you can compare performance.

Pay-on-Performance Guarantees

We provide Pay-For-Performance Guarantees so that you have an incentivised, dedicated, streamlined admission function within your organisation.