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About Aged Care Occupancy Management

The OMS Group have built a team of skilled and experienced residential aged care admission coordinators who are focused on achieving high occupancy rates and delivering great outcomes for our clients.

The OMS Group have refined approaches and processes but if you have unique needs and requirements - talk with us - we can develop specific solutions to achieve the best outcome for your aged care homes.

Are you responsible for maintaining occupancy rates at your aged care accommodation business?

Occupancy is the vital factor in ensuring the success of a residential aged care facility.

The national residential aged care occupancy rate declined quite dramatically to less than 90 per cent by June 2019. Much publicised factors leading to Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety have no doubt added to reticence to enter residential aged care. Occupancy levels have been falling due to a number of reasons:

  • This has been emphasised by increased availability of home care packages as well as assisted living and private care options.
  • Care recipients exercising a choice to stay at home for as long as they can.
  • The Royal Commission into Aged Care has added to reticence to enter residential aged care.

    We could speculate that lower occupancy rates reflect the desire of people to remain at home for as long as possible but that could easily overlook other complex factors that need to be considered.    
Ms. Pat Sparrow (CEO - Aged and Community Services Australia)

New Approaches to Marketing are Required

Past approaches to marketing are not longer applicable or effective.

Talk to the OMS Group - we are up to date with proven techniques and skills to maintain high occupancy rates.

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